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Wooden Kitchens

Just picture this. A handmade country kitchen. Or maybe a traditional farmhouse kitchen. Or even a kitchen made entirely of oak.

What do they all have in common?

Wood. Glorious wood.

You've got your solid wood worktop, and maybe an island too. Then, underneath that, solid oak cabinets, complete with fabulous doors and handy drawers (also solid oak). Then some solid wood plinths, upstands and end panels. Timber, timber, everywhere. Beauty as nature intended. Woodn't it be nice?

A wooden kitchen is the perfect foil to any colour scheme, and also suits contemporary or traditional designs. The unique character of your chosen worktop timber shines out when paired with the familiar, inviting warmth of fine-quality solid oak cabinets - achieving a uniquely organic look. And there's a cabinet for any space in your real wood kitchen, quite literally! Our cabinets come in a huge range of standard sizes, from base to wall to full-height and specialist. Pair the carcasses with your dream frontal: pan drawers or standard, stainless steel, coloured or even timber sides, traditional or shaker doors - the list is exhaustive. The common denominator is that all are made from 100% solid oak; let the glorious natural material sing out by ordering your cabinet frontals with a natural sanded or lacquered finish, and save the paint for the walls.

Finally, accent your traditional wooden kitchen with some fantastic finishing touches: handles, splashbacks, whatever takes your fancy. We've got it all right here, ready and waiting.

To order kitchen units with doors, first select your finish. Hover over your chosen finish (paint colour, lacquered or sanded) swatch and you will be presented with a choice of models: Shaker or Traditional. Click on the style that you require to proceed.

Natural Lacquered
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