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Welcome, lumber lovers!

Cabineto loves Welsh spoons natural kitchens.

Here at deTerra, romance is in the air and we’re feeling a little mushy, so we wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Cabineto was certainly feeling the deTerra love on Sunday: being the kind souls that we are, we sent him a Celtic love spoon as a gesture of our immense affection. The intricately carved spoons come in loads of different styles, and are a lovely way of telling folk how you feel!

A Norwegian wedding spoon for lovers of natural kitchens.

credit: Vladimir Alexiev

Love spoons have been given as gifts for centuries, and each beautiful, handcrafted feature symbolises something sentimental – for instance: horseshoes send good luck; bells represent marriage; and a wheel shows support. As an added bonus, we think these items look fabulous in natural kitchens: they’re a great way to accessorize wood worktops.

The trickier elements of love spoons, such as chains, are used to showcase craftsmanship, and are also commonly used to tie spoons together for a romantic dinner for two – thus demonstrating the link of the marital bond.

A Welsh love spoon for lovers of natural kitchens.

credit: Jongleur100

If any of you lucky lovebirds are celebrating five years of marriage, we think a Celtic spoon would ‘kindle’ some romance, as well as making a wonderful and meaningful gift, in keeping with the tradition of giving a present made out of wood to celebrate this happy milestone. Or, if you want to give a somewhat more lavish wooden gift, what about one of our solid wood kitchens?! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a big slab of solid oak, after all…

Yes, we’ve got love on the brain today, and we’re sending it all to you – hoping you’re all happy and well!

Ta ta for now,

The deTerra Diarist


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